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Train and Try
New Handgun 101


Not everyone knows what they want to purchase or how to go about it..

The Train and Try class does just this.  This class will expose the new gun owner or potential gun owner to various types of handguns and a basic handgun training session.

In this class you will receive...

  1. Exposure to various types of handguns.

  2. The 4 Rules of Firearms Safety.

  3. The basic of handgun operations.

  4. Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship


Besides not having the knowledge of where to start with your firearms training start, but what about selection of your firearm.  In this class we will provides a selection of firearms for you to select and try out to help determine what you would like to invest in!

We are not like other companies where you only can choose from what they have physically in stock.  We want to give you all the tools needed to help you make a sound decision on what to invest in!

We provide...

  1. Selection of Semi-Automatic Handguns

  2. Ammunition

  3. Eye and Ear Protection

  4. Qualified Instructor to help guide you on where to start!

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