South Carolina Carry Permit Course

The responsibility of your and your family's safety couldn't be any more important today than ever.  Prepare yourself to legally protect those that you love the most!

This South Carolina approved permit course is for all South Carolina Citizens who want or need to carry a handgun concealed or openly for their personal or family's safety.

In this course, you will learn parts and operation of the handgun, proper and safe storage of a handgun, and techniques for improving the skills needed for accurate shot placement.  Legal requirements and obligations for the concealed weapons permit holder will also be reviewed and discussed.

Upon completion of this course you may apply to the State of South Carolina for a carry permit.

Lessons and topics covered:

  1. South Carolina statutory and case law regarding handguns and use of force.

  2. Handgun use and safe handling skills.

  3. Proper storage practices.

  4. Practical evolutions with experienced instructors.

  5. Legal provisions and prohibited carry locations.

  6. Guidance on the selection of a firearm and associated gear.

Gear List

  • Dependable firearm (No magnum calibers)

  • Holster and belt

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Personal food and snacks

This class is not a basic handgun class.  Students are expected to have an understanding of their firearm and how to function and operate it.

Private coaching and basic classes are available for those shooters with little experience.