Our Training Courses

Pistol Training

Carolina Tactical Training offers a wide variety of handgun training.  Whether you are looking to get into competitive shooting, wanting to carry for self-defense, or just need to build your confidence with the basic firearm fundamentals; we offer a course that meets your needs.

Carolina Tactical Training offers the following pistol courses:

  • SC Concealed Weapon Permit course

  • USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense

  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

  • Concealed Carry 201 - Developing a Defensive Mindset

  • Concealed Carry 301 - Live Fire Practical Exercises

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Carbine Training

With carbine rifle ownership on the rise we wanted to make sure that each owner has quality training available to them.  At Carolina Tactical Training we offer training in basic care and maintenance, marksmanship fundamentals, and real world scenario based training.

Carolina Tactical Training offers the following pistol courses:

  • NRA Basics Rifle Shooting

  • Carbine 101 - Basic Carbine

  • Carbine 201 - Live Fire Practical Exercises

  • Carbine 301 - Vehicle and Barrier Exercises

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Precision Rifle

Precision shooting requires a mastery of basic shooting fundamentals combined with extensive experience in fieldcraft.  Our basic and advanced precision rifles courses give our students the ability to engage targets out to 600 yards and under a variety of environmental conditions.

Carolina Tactical Training offers the following pistol courses:

  • Basic Precision Rifle - One Day

  • Advanced Precision Rifle - Two Days

  • Tripod Shooting Seminar

  • Rifle Setup Seminar

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"Instructor was thorough, made the class interesting and relatable through some of his own experiences and was given ample opportunities to ask questions."

—  Patricia R.

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