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Classes and Seminars

Our programs are designed to help you reach your goals!  It's not about us, but about you.  Our programs have been developed from industry standards and our own experiences.  Our instructors are vetted with years of instructional and operational experience to provide you with the best possible training you desire!


SC Concealed Weapons Permit

Learn to protect yourself and your family by obtaining your SC Carry Permit!


Defensive Pistol Fundamentals

Take your handgun handling skills to the next level!


Basic Handgun Essentials

Start your journey to becoming a Responsibly Armed American.  


Carbine/Shotgun Series

Learn the ins and outs of operating your AR-15 platformed rifle or shotgun.

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Mini Courses/Seminars

Join us for in person and online mini courses to expand on specific topics!


Armorer Courses

Learn from our experienced gunsmiths techniques to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your firearms

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Medical/Survival Courses

Learn how to recognize and treat life threatening medical conditions.

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Instructor Development Program

Why Choose Carolina Tactical Training?

Our team of instructors are hand selected and go through an onboarding process to to guarantee a quality that we want to provide.  These instructors are not only certified, but also insured and experienced with most having significant law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Our classes are scheduled and booked based off of seat availability.  When a booking is set that seat is taken.  Most of our classes are well sought after classes.  Due to this we are unable to give a refund for a class, but we can re-schedule your class one time to another class date of your choosing.

What equipment do I need for class?

All of our courses have a detailed listing of required equipment needed for each class.

What type of firearms should I use?

Whatever firearm you intent on using is what we suggest.  If asking our opinion we suggest something reliable in 9mm.  We do not allow magnum calibers in our classes.

Do you offer private training?

Yes we do offer private one on one and group training.

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