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1911 Armorer

The 1911 has lasted the test of time for over 100 years and is still the preferred platform for many specialized units.  It is considered to be the experts pistol and takes many years of practice to master.  1911/2011 shooters are fanatical in their love for John Browning's classic firearm.  Lack of devotion to maintaining the platform can cause malfunctions and improper performance.

In this class students will work on their own 1911.

The course of instruction includes:

  • Basic Operation and function

  • Interaction of parts including safeties and the fire control group

  • Proper safety checks

  • Inspection of parts for excessive wear

  • Extractor tension

  • Maintenance and Lubrication

  • Disassembly/Reassembly/Function checks

This course is for the single stack 1911 and not the 2011.  There is a separate class for 2011 shooters.  

Needed Materials:

  • 1911 handgun

  • Magazine

  • Your cleaning supplies

We will provide needed tools to work on your platform.

We will take a lunch break for about an hour.  

Course Cost   $195.00

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