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The Everyday Mindset. Will we ever get it right?

Robert Heinlein famously wrote "An armed society is a polite society." Our society has seen a drastic change over the past few years. Social/economic changes and the political environment has changed the mindset of society. Some think that criminals should get free passes, and some do not. Some think that handouts are better than hand ups. But this isn't a political piece. Its simply a thought on mindset.

Have you gone to a shooting event, gun show, or match and looked at it from a 30,000 ft view? The appearance and demographics may have changed, but the general persona hasn't really. Most are still. wait for it polite!

Do you have a concealed carry permit? Do you carry everyday with your permit or just when you think that you may go somewhere that is sketchy? Events throughout the country recently have shown that you either need to carry every day or be really good at predicting when a catastrophic event may occur.

Criminals for the most part are lazy and dumb. They are going to go after the easy target or victim. We often say in our Concealed Carry Fundamentals Courses that if you look like a victim, you probably will be one. Criminals will usually assume that those sketchy locations will cause those attending to be ready and possibly armed, thus making them a hard target. What about those other locations though where we feel safe and secure?

Most of the events throughout the past have been at those safe and secure locations. Churches, Schools, Supermarkets, parades or other locations where most generally feel safe. Most are also, Gun Free Zones!

John Lott is a renowned economist and has been able to show statistically that a majority of mass shootings have occurred in Gun Free Zones!

What is your mindset? How do you prepare for your day? If your stumped on what's next let us help you with one of our training courses to help prepare you. Visit our website to select a course that best suits your needs.

Will we as a society ever get this right?

Brad Amick

Carolina Tactical Training

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