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How safe can your apartment be?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

In any scenario, situational awareness is the key to success. It give you the ability to create a Reactionary Gap. This gap or window helps slow things down for you to react better. Whether at home or an apartment you should always be aware. There are however, challenges to protecting your castle in an apartment versus a home.

Most apartment complexes are commercially owned and are used to a "transient" occupation. These clients or residents are typically there for a 1-5 years because of work or a stepping stone before purchasing a home. Because of this permanent repairs or modifications to the apartment is often frowned upon.

The layouts of most apartments complexes have them associated with large parking lots for the various tenants. These complex layouts usually have multiple apartments on each floor and thus have walkways or sidewalks for everyone to share. These situations can be good for you and bad. Good for you that if you are assertive to your surroundings and can understand pattern of life for your area you could easily tell when someone is not used to being there and can take extra caution to them. It can be bad if you are an apathetic typed person you could miss a potential predator. For this reason one should always be aware of their surroundings and of who may be watching you.

Think like a criminal.

When picking your apartment ask yourself how a criminal might see it. Are there areas that you could exploit? Windows and doors should not be easily opened. Landscaping should not obscure lower floor windows or encroach on pathways to and from the doorways. Doors should have other means of locking like a deadbolt, and not just depending on a chain and door knob. If you do your homework on the front side it can save you potential headaches later.

Security Systems

Like I mentioned earlier most complexes won't allow hardwired security systems because of the drilling of holes or construction needed. Improvements in technology however there are a multitude of options such as monitors, alarms, or cameras that are wireless. These systems also don't have to be expensive. A simple battery operated door and window alarm could also be an option for you and can go along way.

Keep weapons close at hand.

Merely keeping a weapon close at hand is not just the answer. As important as it is, it is just as important to have adequate training on that weapon. You should be trained on the deployment, troubleshooting, and usage of it. Having it properly stored safely is also key to success. It needs to be stored where you can get to is effectively without losing it to theft.

Proper Lighting

Just like bugs and rodents, criminals want the path of least resistance that will hide their movement. Its important that you maintain good lighting strategically throughout the residence. This lighting should do everything to benefit you and not your potential intruder. Think like a criminal.

Lock all windows and doors.

Make sure all windows and doors are locked to prevent the entry from an intruder. Make sure that all windows and doors are capable of being unlocked in the event that you need to evacuate due to a fire or other emergencies.

Know your neighbors.

Get to know your neighbors. Understand who they are and feel them out. You should be able to see who you can trust and who you cannot, and better understand who is living around you.

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