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Are you prepared when you travel?

Hopefully all of you have had a great start to 2024. Ours is starting out busy as this is the start of our normal volleyball season. This gets us plenty of miles and nights in hotel rooms. I often think about our customers and students when I teach and travel about are they really prepared? And I ask you are you really prepared? I am not talking about the equipment or gear that we all think about. It's a little deeper than that. Are you physically, legally, financially, and morally prepared for travel?


When you leave your home are you physically ready for a confrontation? Do you have the right equipment and means to use that equipment. Do you physically know how or can you recognize an incident and respond to it appropriately?


Are you legally prepared to respond to an incident? Are you trained or have the appropriate permits that allow you to legally carry a firearm and respond?


Are you prepared financially for the aftermath of what may take place after the incident occurs? Do you have an insurance or the financial means to defend yourself after you survived the incident? Insurance such as USCCA is an absolute must if your are carrying a concealed weapon for protection!


Are you morally ready to make the decision to defend yourself and your family? Can you do whatever it takes and be ok with the after thought?

If you cannot answer yes to these 4 questions are you really ready to carry a concealed weapon for defense. If you have questions on any of these reach out to us and let us help you figure out the best training options for you. A great start is our Concealed Weapons Permit Program.

Ready out to us at for any questions.


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I was considering carrying when vacationing in another state, with which South Carolina has reciprocity. I understand rules for firearms on airlines, but what, if any, are airline rules regarding ammunition?

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