Handgun 201

 Everyday Fundamentals
Pricing as low as $149.99 for early bird scheduling.

The Handgun 201 (Everyday Fundamentals) is exactly what it says... Fundamentals!  This class will expand your skills and abilities beyond the basic foundational courses and better prepare you for everyday carry.  This course is ideal for anyone who has completed a concealed carry course, Handgun 101, or other equivalent experience and wants to better operate your handgun.

Topics Include:

  • Draw Stroke and Techniques

  • Hand Placement and Grip

  • Defensive Accuracy

  • Reloads and Magazine Changes

  • Malfunction and Immediate Action Drills

  • Controlled Multiple Shots

  • Target Identification

  • Speed vs. Accuracy

  • Shooting on the move.

  • And much more!

Equipment List:

  • 250 Rounds of ammunition

  • Dependable Semi Automatic Handgun with min of 3 mags.

  • Strong Side Holster

  • Sturdy Belt

  • Suitable Magazine Carrier.  Pockets work!

  • Ear and Eye Protection

  • Food and Drinks

  • Clothing for Climate.  We will shoot in the rain!

  • Open mind to learn.

A basic qualification course of fire will be shot to determine the students abilities.