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Teen Safety Camp

The best way to prevent accidents and increase the future of our shooting sports is to train our youth!

The Teen Safety Camp is a fun and interactive program designed to teach your child the basics of firearm function and safety.  Students will learn the basic parts of a firearm, bullet components, loading, unloading, sighting, and the development of basic shooter skills.

Live range time will include marksmanship instruction and individual coaching by our experienced instructional staff.  The Teen Safety Camp utilizes .22 rimfire rifles and handguns as the primary firearms.  Students may have the opportunity to be introduced to a larger caliber, centerfire handgun, rifle and shotguns as the course progresses and the student's progression based on instructor recommendations.

Students will start with a live online virtual module with our instructor.  Range days will be determined and scheduled based off of range availability and locations.

Included with the fee is all classroom materials and range instruction, firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection, and live fire activities.

Shooters and their parents or guardians must complete our standard range waives and juvenile shooter waivers prior to the start of the course.

The course schedule and location may vary.

Course Cost $200 per student

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