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The Simulator Experience

What is a Virtual Reality Simulator?

Highly Accurate Virtual Shooting Simulator

Whether you consider yourself a novice or expert marksman, our gun shooting simulator is the ideal location to build upon your skills. Our Virtual Simulator is loaded with hundreds of real life scenarios, dynamic targets, and interactive drills. 

Interactive Gun Simulator:

Beginners New to shooting? We provide a comfortable setting for you to learn, gain awareness, and excel.

  • Clean, safe and climate-controlled environment

  • No live-fire, ammunition or dirty gun powder

  • Judgment-free atmosphere

  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff

  • Gain personal protection skills and confidence

Interactive Gun Simulator:

Advanced Experienced shooter? Our virtual shooting range caters to proficient marksmen and competitive shooters.

  • Highly accurate simulated training

  • Military-grade hardware and technology

  • Marksmanship skill building

  • Competitive events

  • Repetitive exercises and drills

  • An intense and immersive experience

Open Range

Book your 30 min, 60 min, or custom session


We offer classes regularly for adults and youth classes are progressive for all levels.

Parties and Events

Birthday parties, corporate events for any occasion you can think of.

If you want to de-escalate a situation, you first need to de-escalate yourself!  That's hard to build those critical skills if your firearms training plan is limited to firing on the range.  That's why Carolina Tactical Training's immersive Virtual Reality Simulator takes that training one step further placing you into controlled situations to illicit and require a response.  Do you use deadly force or not?

Reality based situational training continues to advance and remains the highest standard of training.  This intense and immersive training environment takes into account every detail from the smallest pre-attack indicator to the most cognitive overloaded stimuli situations available.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective and time savings compared to conventional training!


Environment is safe and climate controlled to allow the student to focus on their training.


The atmosphere is highly emmersive to allow you to get realistic training options.


Your progress is easily measured to show you where your training is!

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