Simulator Lab

Why use a simulator for training?

Cost Effective

Cost Effective and time savings compared to conventional training!


Environment is safe and climate controlled to allow the student to focus on their training.


The atmosphere is highly emmersive to allow you to get realistic training options.


Your progress is easily measured to show you where your training is!

Judgmental and Situational Training

  • Learn basic and advanced techniques for mitigating, escalating and de-escalating dangerous situations.  

  • Improve shooting accuracy through engaging in drills and exercises all from the safety of a realistic simulator.

  • Traditional shooting ranges is a static two dimensional experience.  Simulators provide a multi dimensional experience.

Law Enforcement and Security Training

  • Judgement and circumstantial training.

  • Lifelike and realistic settings.

  • Shoot/don't shoot situations.

  • Active shooter response scenarios.