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Our Courses

Our courses are here to not only provide necessary training and education, but to challenge you to improve your skills and abilities.

Mini Courses:

Countering the Mass Shooter

Legal Use of Force

Building a Personal Protection Plan

Realtor Safety Course

Concealed Carry Fundamentals is just what it is fundamentals.  This course provides a foundation to prepare yourself to legally carry a concealed firearm.  This course meets the expectations to obtain a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.

Once you have taken your concealed carry course you probably figured out that you were taught the legal responsibilities to carry.  You didn't experience the stress of making a decision or observing a situation to determine how to react.  This course does just that with the use of a virtual reality simulator.

Sturdy buildings are not built on shaky foundations.  So should your handgun shooting journey.  This course will teach you the basics and fundamentals to prepare you for our Concealed Carry Fundamentals Journey.

This course takes what you learned in the Basic Handgun Course and Concealed Carry Fundamentals and adds the necessary skills and drills to help you become more confident and proficient at concealed carry.

Similar to our Advanced Concealed Carry course, but this course is for the open carry individual or individual wanting to work from their "kit".  This course steps beyond the Basic Handgun 101 course and introduces more marksmanship fundamentals and essential handgun operations.

Are you interested in getting into competitive shooting?  Whether thinking about IDPA, USPSA, or Steel Challenge learn the necessary steps to start blasting away and having fun competing.

Whether for recreation or competition running a safe and efficient range is paramount.  Learn what's needed to manage and operate a safe range with the NRA Range Safety Officer course.

Do you have what it takes to become a coach or teacher.  This course allows just that.  Become a USCCA Concealed Carry Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor.

Probably one of the most popular handguns platforms in existence.  Millions have been sold.  This course will teach you basic armorer type techniques to help you maintain and upgrade your own handguns.

John Moses Browning got it right with this one.  This platform has stood the test of time and is one of the most sought-after platforms.  Learn to maintain and trouble shoot yours with this course.

AR-15 Armorer

This course takes the AR-15 armorer and teaches them the operations, maintenance, and basic armorer type skills needed to keep your rifle up and running.

All handguns should be cleaned after being fired, exposed to dirt or moisture, or periodically.  For the person that carries every day that could mean you should be cleaning your firearm very frequently.  Learn the process to effectively clean your firearm.

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