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Is training without a plan really training?

Is training without a plan really training? In today's current state of events it is difficult to find time to go to the range. It is even more difficult to find ammunition for those range days. This makes it even more important to maximize your time and resources. Most successful personal or business operations are successful because it comes through a plan of action. Teams don't win championships without the coaches having a game plan and a training plan to execute them. Why shouldn't you?

To have a successful training plan you have to have a goal. Something to work towards. This goal is an achievement that is lets you know you succeeded. A stopping point that is measurable. It may be something as simple as " I want to improve my score on the concealed carry course of fire" for the pistol shooters or it may be "I want to clean the know your limits rack at 600 yards" for the rifle shooter. Either way it is a goal that is measurable and qualifiable.

Once you have this goal it then allows you to put together a plan of action. Actions that you can break down in segments that allow you to work on individual portions of the goal. I want to shoot 100% 10 rings at 3 yards. Next session I want to shoot 100% 10 rings at 7 yards, etc. Or it could be the I want to consistently group sub MOA at 100 yards in the first session and then in later sessions you want to consistently hit the 4" steel at 400 yards. These segments are stepped objectives towards the end goal.

Planning these segments allow for you to plan and budget time and resources. This allows for efficient training. No one wants to waste their time, but everyone wants to

improve and perform. Planning is going to save you time as it allows for you to see your results in a segmented fashion, and save you money by not wasting ammunition that is not necessary.

Once you reach the set goal, set a new one and start over. The process is an evolution to make you the best shooter possible.

Train to evolve!

Brad Amick

Owner Carolina Tactical Training

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