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How important is OPSEC to you?

Operational Security or OPSEC is very important to those in the military and law enforcement. It dictates day to day life or mission planning. It helps keep you safe while patrolling or your family safe when home. The important thing about OPSEC is that those that need to know, know and those that don’t, don’t.

What about your daily OPSEC in your everyday life. There are bad guys around all corners looking for a reason to attack someone. They are looking for a free car or quick cash. How does the way you carry yourself everyday give those clues to just who you are? It should be a surprise to the bad guy that if they chose you they guessed wrong.

Your car is a billboard. The stickers you have on them, although a point of pride in your beliefs, often telegraph who you are. If it is loaded down with Pro 2A stickers the criminal might think there is a possibility of scoring a free handgun if they break into your car. It may further show your beliefs or family structure that could give them an advantage over you.

Think about your daily routine and what you are advertising. Be a hard target. Don’t give a bad guy anything more to think of you and your family as a victim. Think about your OPSEC!

Until next time,

Brad Amick

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