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Habits For Successful Concealed Carry

What is your Concealed Carry Mindset?

This is a question I often ask to Concealed Carry Permit Holders when they come in to the shop or take a class from us. Normally when we ask, we get the typical perplexed look of what is he talking about? Then a usual follow up response, after explaining the question of "I really haven't thought about that."

As the owner of a company that sells firearms, accessories, and training we see clients daily come in to purchase their everyday carry kit and clearly have not put much thought into it, or they have looked online at their favorite "expert" or influencer to see what they are doing.

I get it, we all look to the experts to get ideas, but everyday carry isn't necessarily a one size fits all plan. The tools these experts use may be completely necessary for them and work for them but this may not work for you!. These tools and techniques may be necessary for the expert's everyday functions but may not fit yours. What they are doing may not be functional for you or may not be legal for you in your area. But just like sponsored athletes, these experts may be promoting gear that they endorse because they have some financial gain from it.

So lets offer a few Habits of Successful Concealed Carry.

Don't Follow the Crowd

You do you! Find what works best for you and your daily activities. Determine the comfort, concealability, and functionality of what you need to successfully carry daily.

Don't Chase After Guns or Calibers

The Ballad of a Frogman says "Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet." But, with that being said you need to choose what is the best option for you. If you can live by this saying awesome, but everyday carry life may mean that you have to adjust your platform or caliber selection based off of your physical abilities. If you are able to successfully carry a large framed platform and caliber awesome, but the 100 pound female that is trying to protect herself and family while out may not be able to successfully train and carry that platform. Select and use what you can safely, efficiently, and properly train with.

Training Over Gear

If you purchase a $2000 handgun, but are only a $200 shooter you only have a $200 handgun! Don't sacrifice purchasing quality training by purchasing expensive gear. Not saying the gear isn't important, but if you don't know how to use it, it's just window dressing!

Brain Over Gun

Be smart! Be educated and alert to your everyday carry and environments. Many permit holders develop a mindset that they are invincible once they get their permits. That is further from the truth. It should make them more aware of the need to be educated in their actions and activities. Just because you can legally use force should you? Not only does the legal aspects need to be addressed, but what about the personal? Are you about to confront someone that is bigger and better than you? When force is needed it should be absolute, but be smart in your decision making process determining your actions.

More to Concealed Carry Defense than Shooting!

The best defense to a fight is to not be in one. Your defensive training should include conflict avoidance and de-escalation techniques along with deployment and use of your gear while maintaining concealed or "grey man" status.

Don't make mistakes planning your training and carry life style. Under stress you will revert back to your training. If you build a rocky training foundation, your performance under stress will be rocky as well.

Until next time!

Brad Amick

Owner of Carolina Tactical Training

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