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Disaster Preparation. Are you ready?

Being located in the Southeast of the United States, we at Carolina Tactical Training understand the different weather patterns and dangers that they can present. Mostly the severe weather potential during hurricane season. These systems have the potential to bring severe flooding and tornadoes. Mostly widespread and not isolated to a small area, thus causing significant impacts to infrastructure.

Civil unrest has become an increasingly frequent event that should also be planned for. Events such as recent protests, riots and occupations of cities like Seattle has caused this to be as much of a concern as weather related disasters.

Preparing for the two events have similar demands and needs. One involves protection from the weather and the other from crime and violence. Both will inflict chaos and affect infrastructure that will require you to be prepared.

Here are few points to consider when preparing for either.

  1. Ensure your basic preps and supplies are in order. Adequate supplies of food, water, and medications should be on hand. A minimum of two weeks supply but three months or more are better.

  2. Maintain supplies of fuel in your vehicle. A minimum of 1/2 tank of fuel should be maintained at all times. During chaos and disaster events fuel sites may be inaccessible.

  3. Build and maintain self sufficiency skills regardless of whether you live in an apartment or rural homestead.

  4. Take stock and maintain first aid and sanitation supplies. During an event first aid supplies may be in short supply. It is important to stay clean and healthy.

  5. Maintain security features in our home and determine weaknesses.

  6. Set up a personal defense system. If you are a firearms owner maintain and adequate supply of ammunition and train. When you need to have it is not the time to start preparing.

  7. Form a community or circle of like minded friends and family to work and band together for security and protection.

  8. Stock pile cash in small bills. During an event ATMS and banks are likely to be in accessible.

  9. Accumulate goods for barter. Items like alcohol, food, candles, and batteries can be used instead of cash for goods and needs.

  10. Don't forget about the children, elderly, or pets. During a lockdown or riot, they may become anxious or frightened. Having amusement or comfort items may help calm them.

  11. Invest in a library of reference books, manuals, and guides. This may give information on survival techniques that may get you through the event.

  12. Maintain communication methods to stay in contact with family and friends.

  13. Develop a family emergency plan for everyone in the family to know.

These are just a few items that is necessary to help you prepare. Remember though, when you need it is not the time to prepare. Panic buying can cause supplies to become scarce. Don't get caught unprepared.

Train to evolve!

Brad Amick

Owner of Carolina Tactical Training.

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