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5 Reasons You Should Book A Simulator Session

Carolina Tactical Training's Virtual Reality Simulator is unlike anything you've ever tried before. We know that new things can sometime be a little intimidating, so let us explain why you should book a session!

Reason #1

The simulator is ideal for families, friends, date nights, and group outings. Our simulator range is intentionally designed to be versatile. Our instructors are well versed to personalize your appointment.

Reason #2

Fun and educational experience for all. We understand that not everyone who walks through out doors is an expert shooter. It's our goal to make everyone who comes through a more experienced and comfortable shooter.

Reason #3

Learning from professional instructors. One of the best parts of our simulator range is our instructors. We have vetted them to insure they are highly qualified and trained to help you get the most out of your training.

Reason #4

Have fun and challenge yourself. Whether you come alone or bring friends, it's easy to compete head to head or test yourself to beat your previous scores.

Reason #5

Experience a realistic and immersive environment. If you've been to a traditional range you know it has pros and cons. Our simulated gun range offers all the benefits without any of the frustrations.

Our simulator is available for booking daily by visiting us at or directly from the mobile app.

Brad Amick

CTT Owner

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