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What you will learn with Carolina Tactical Training.

Take the first step into becoming a prepared and responsibly armed citizen.

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Don't let your Concealed Carry Permit be the ending of your training.  Become more confident in your daily carry.

You never know how you will react until you have been exposed to stress.  Our Virtual Reality Simulator does just that.


Teen Firearms Academy

Proper firearms handling and safety starts with a foundation.  Why not start our youth with proper training.


The Simulator Experience

Whether your looking for entertainment or training our Virtual Reality Simulator is perfect for you.  Come train on skills without the cost of ammunition or shoot zombies for fun.  Book your session today!


Private Training

Not everyone learns and retains training the same and we realize that.  Whether you are looking for something private, want to work on individual skills or have a private group let us discuss what we can offer for you!

We have availabilities 7 days a week and in different locations..

Schedule a call to book your session.

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Get the information you need to defend your family with confidence!

Gun owners need to realize what they are up against.  This guide gives you insight on steps you can do to better prepare yourself.

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Carolina Tactical Training is a proud USCCA Official Partner and encourages every gun owner to take advantage of what the USCCA offers. Click the link below to get their FREE Concealed Carry Guide for more life-saving knowledge


"Instructor was thorough, made the class interesting and relatable through some of his own experiences and was given ample opportunities to ask questions."

—  Patricia R.