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Handgun 301

Positions, Cover, and Concealment

The Handgun 301 is our third class in our handgun training program.  This course is for the shooter that wants to increase their capabilities to deploy their handgun in various positions while understanding cover and concealment.  The Handgun 301 expands your knowledge incorporating multiple target engagements, shooting from and around barriers, and shooting from various positions.


Topics Include:

  • Reinforcing skills from Handgun 201

  • Multiple Target Engagement

  • One handed draw stroke

  • One handed pistol operations

  • Shooting on the move

  • Use of cover and concealment

  • Alternative positional shooting 

 Equipment List:

  • 500 Rounds of Factory Ammunition

  • Reliable Semi Automatic Handgun with 3-4 Mag Minimum

  • Sturdy Belt and Strong Side belt holster or concealed carry

  • Suitable Magazine Carrier.  Pockets work too!

  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray.

  • Climate required clothing.  We will shoot rain or shine.

  • Food and drink for the day.

  • Open mind and willingness to learn.

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